Zesco prepaid meter error

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Lusaka's Buseko Marketeers have appealed for personal ZESCO prepaid billing meters alleging that the communal one is causing confusions at the market. Marketeers disclose that the current situation has left the market with a two million Kwacha in arears debt.
The bad debts owed to the company are of customers with postpaid meters and not with the prepaid meters. The company aimed to rollout the postpaid meters but the plan has no yet being executed.
Dec 21, 2020 · A Prepaid Meter enables you to buy electricity units in affordable quantities before use. The prepayment meter works the same way as a pre-paid cell phone system, Pay as you use! Following a successful evaluation of the project which revealed a greater appreciation of the product by our customers, the project was rolled out in Lusaka and ...
Some of the error messages that will display on your meter: SAD face - probably means it is just finger trouble in typing the token - please retry; DDDD - duplicate token. The token has probably been entered already; Error 30 - Technical error on your meter - please switch your meter off as well as your electricity mains and wait a few minutes.
Call help - call us on 0808 501 5200. Battery fail – call us on 0808 501 5200. Card not accepted, shown as M***** or M----- on your meter display – call us on 0808 501 5200. Blank screen – call us on 0808 501 5200. Card fail 04, 28, 25, 28 shown on your meter display – make sure your card is clean and reinsert the card.
Box 2 Resolution on Prepaid Meters by South African Municipal Workers' Union (Samwu) 99 118 120 128 vi THE AGE OF COMMODITY 7 Public Money, Private Failure: Testing the Limits of Market Based Solutions for Water Delivery in Nelspruit 130 Laïla Smith, Amanda Gillett, Shauna Mottiar and Fiona White 8
ZESCO Limited has announced the rolling out of smart meters that will enable the power utility to regulate the usage of electricity by switching off certain appliances in customers' households that exceed a given consumption threshold. Managing Director Victor Mundende announced last week that the project would be done at a cost of US$40 million.
On newer gas meters, you'll find the Meter Serial Number located, again, above or below the barcode on the face of the meter. For older gas meters without a barcode, the Meter Serial Number may be printed in red and located on the front. Your gas Meter Serial number will usually be longer than the MSN on your electricity meter.
Note: You can purchase a prepaid minimum amount of R30 to a maximum of R1 000 per day. A prepaid maximum amount of R3 000 can be purchased per month. For prepaid electricity queries please call us on 08600 08600.
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